About Anita Lain

Currently, I’m an intern show producer for Soldier Family Television Radio Show. We here at sftvr.com pride ourselves on providing a media outlet for our servicemen and women. Creating shows on TV and Radio, which showcases our troops, there needs to be an interest. You can call one of our shows at (909)202-8714 and press 1. The CEO  is Steve Tomaszewski.


But that’s not my whole story…

I’m a mother of 5 boys.  I struggled raising them as a single mother. My life hasn’t been a bunch of roses, but now I’m starting to smell the sweetness.  I started out studying nursing, and I was so proud of earning my CNA.  However, My real passion is to become a camera operator. I came to the Illinois Broadcasting Center to learn what goes on behind the scenes, because I want to be an actor for commercials and voiceovers. I’m gaining a lot of knowledge at ICB. I’m enjoying working the camera, maybe one day I’ll be a camera girl! Have a Blessed Day!



  1. Piotr Nieznanski

    You look nice.

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